Itai Mutinhiri: Stunner get a job

Star FM’s Itai Mutinhiri has told rapper Stunner to get a job. Giving her
opinion on the dramas that have exploded on Facebook, Itai has this advice to all young men and women.

“Get a job that earns you a decent salary monthly ,that way you wont depend on nobody. Dont live beyond your means as that may lead you to doing regrettable things to stay “relevant” with some unrealistic standards set by some. Kana pasina apana its ok asi kana tikawana yehhh yeyy.

My husband knows this about me. lol .I tell him its ok to lack at times takatombokurawo tichishaya at some point ,so apana chinoshamisira.You always get bk on ur feet in no time kana wakarongeka.Another thing be passionate about what u do,if not find something else that compliments your job that excites you.Doing one thing over and over can get monotonous.

Be content with what you have, Be your own friend or at most have one true friend. I know we all need someone to go tell stories.If u have a partner let him or her be ur go to person.Just avoid many friends by all means. That way when trouble knocks at urs you know its just some made up B.S with nothing to back it up. Know your bounderies with the company you keep and make sure whoever you hang around has some valuable common ground to share.

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  • Slobadan Milosevic

    ave mai chisamba manje ngaatange agadzirisa zvemumba make