Magaya Nak3d, Se_x Without A Condom

More explosive audio tapes have been leaked which expose Prophet Walter Magaya and the fact that he had se_x with Petronella Donhodzo without a condom. This is the lady who is currently in court accusing Magaya of rape.

Zimbabwe has a high HIV prevalence in the world, with Magaya’s private actions in his se_xual se_xacapades sending a wrong message to a community that is trying to overcome the devastating effect of AIDS.

Donhodzo in the audios complains to Magaya that he exposed her to the risk of HIV, “handingabvumi kurara ndisina condom munhu ondisiya just like that. To treat me like an ordinary person and just dump me. I am tired of broken promises, I am now taking matters into my hands.”

“I can forgive you of anything but do not ever threaten me again. I respect you, I love you and I will honour my promises, but do not threaten me,” says Magaya. When asked by his lover which promise has he honored he reminds her that they have an appointment the following Monday to give her money for a new car. “Monday is just tomorrow wait and see if I will not give you, but if you treat me like a puppet, like a child I will not take that lightly.”

Agitated at the tough negotiations with his lover, Magaya in the audios asks her who she is talking to, reminding her not to question his authority, to which she replies, “na Prophet Walter Magaya.”

Source: Zimeye


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