Magaya Nak3d Se_x Part 2: THE LIVE TRANSACTION

More explosive audios of the telephone conversation between Prophet Walter Magaya and his lover are now in ZimEye’s possession.

In the audios, Magaya seeks to end his relationship with Petronella Donhodzo by finalising the transaction of USD50,000 into her account. However, in the simple conversation between the two lovers several other issues emerge as Magaya tries to evade the law to silence his girlfriend with the hard cash.

It is clear that the man of God is well versed in tax evasion and money laundering matters, raising questions as to what amounts he has siphoned out of his church into private accounts, while avoiding accountability.

Magaya calls Donhodzo and says, “there is an issue I have called you for; you had not thought of USD50,000 in your personal account will be frozen because individuals are not allowed to handle that kind of cash; they will ask you what the source of funding is. RBZ will freeze the amount.”

He also instructs Donhodzo to go and see his lawyers Rubaya and Chatambudza in a bid to falsify a transaction through them under the pretext Donhodzo is being ‘funded’ for a school project and to also avoid any traces of the transaction back to Magaya.

Source: Zimeye


  • Nyenze

    Haaa yasi . Matsotsi aya. Akadzidza zvese izvi paaita zvekuburner paye . He perfected his con artistic skills , amana ka . Batai munhu uyu , batai munhu . Ane nyaya. If at all this is true them its a real doom to magaya

  • Favour

    Haiwawo mave kushaya nyaya. Petronella in her confession on star FM she spoke about how they prepared fake audios that were already in circulation. Ranjis is behind all this. But I can tell you lies are easier and juicier to run with compared to the truth to those who are from the kingdom of darkness. These are the last kicks of a dying horse.