Makandiwa Labelled “A Thief”

Zimbabwe’s richest necromancer, Emmanuel Makandiwa has been labelled “a thief.”

News observers blasted out saying Makandiwa who last week demanded a $77,000 seed money from congregants as a pre-requisite for crossing into 2017, saying he is a deceiver.

Wrote one Robert Sigauke, “Vakangwara vanodya zvemarema. The Word of God says “Freely I received and freely I will give”. No one should pay for the gift of God. Matsotsi awanda paZimbabwe… How come there is still poor people in his church. Varume muri kuvaka inheritance yevamwe anaMai venyu vachifa nenzara. Marema akawandisa vakomana.”


Source: Zimeye