ANOTHER NASTY BROWL: Models in epic facebook catfight

“Its only today that I have decided to leave the throne so I can address peasants like you  Gucci Mama …The next time you decide to come for me you must at least have have 5 O levels ..other than that we cant  talk and  do not touch the lions tail …You are not the only one with a sharp and venomous tongue….Now listen

You say I am thief, b!tch and I live a fake life..woow better, at least ndiri hure asi im not married  and siya ndihure fani, Iwewe unohura wani uripa murume.

You were fxxx Ron zvinozivikanwa nemunhu wese muharare munomu kana bofu remuna samora knows it. As  I speak you are sleeping with Olga the America boy  akakuitira birthday kuMeikles, several times your car is always parked mubasement repaMeikles everyone knows that, yet you come here and say im a b!tch ,were you married a virgin NO.

What makes you think that you are on top of the world. You  say Tino is broke haana mari, iwewe mari yaunayo iripi. Show me the stand or title deeds that you own wth your details. Give us the log book remota yaunodriver.

What else do yu hv except of the properties your mum left for you, Gucci What, May Christ come back the day you will afford an original Gucci or Louis Vuitton handbag because you wish shamwari we kno that both of us we cannot  afford it ..,U are so bitter cz I know how to combine the few stuff I own and im photogenic more than you ,unorwadziwa neni to the extent of creating a ghost account on instagram to diss and spite me.

I am relevant sha in your  life and its high time you accept it ,waiti kuPH I want to employ Tino since aba, where do yu want to employ me as your chaffeur whilst you practise your pros_titution by hopping from one bed to another with different  men in these hotels, all in the name of pros_titution.

I challenge you for an HIV test on Monday, you cant  be looking for fame using my name heee Ngarande hee Ngarande ,you want to live a life of a fairytale ,smell the coffee madam.

If your husband loves you why cant you go and stay wth him as a family. Everyone knows kuti unomuhurira murume uyu.Waihura uchiyamwisa mwana ari ari mucheche ndakambotii  inini nezvazvo ..DONT TRY ME.

You think kunyarara kupenga, I mind my  business. I challenge  you again lets go n get tested for  kuLancet, let prove kuti when last did you saw your husband and when last did you have s.ex  everyday ku PH you are always saying Tino wakamera Tino pamuromo here Nakai.

From where my parents left me and were i am today i hv achieved a lot wanzwa if its thru pros_titution and theft  Good for me  ,I rely pity you ,because you wish you had a nose lk mine ,go and get a surgery you will hv a straight fine nose
Stop hating me  im not the one akuti uhure uri pamurume inini .Everyday Tino Tino Panyo pako..Try me ,I will bring evidence of yur cheatings and infidelities and Dont act like PH group  can process my burial order ,If yu want to be the devil in my life come here and say it so we can draw the lines and the perimeters .
Ngatipfekei mareplica edu  mushe  Nakai we  havent reached a level of affording a $4000 handbag or shoes ..Stay in your zone .. Tese tiri kupfeka hembe dzema lay by .
U are suprised ka .Vaunodya navo ndovanokupakurira kunze futi Damn it .
I cant leave my life in misery  over haters and pple who think they own the world ,What problem are you solving in this hard Zimbabwe with 90% unemployment ..

Nakai Gucci Mahmah


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