Namibia Leader Shames Mugabe

Namibian leader, Hage Geingob received only about $50 000 in travel allowances for undertaking foreign trips to 12 cities this year.

President Mugabe’s allowances on the other hand run into millions of dollars, at least $4 million per trip according to Finance Ministry statistics. The final total amount may never be revealed.

Namibian State House statements reviewed by The Namibian publication show that Geingob was out of the country for a combined 49 days in 2016, visiting countries such as Ethiopia, Kenya, the United States of America, France, England, Swaziland, South Africa, Cuba, Zambia, Botswana, Sweden and Rwanda.

The allowances, known as S&T (subsistence and travelling) have been identified as one of the areas costing the state massively in terms of money spent and time lost from work.

Source: Agencies