LATEST: Olinda Attacked Again

Stunner’s wife, Olinda has been attacked again shortly after making up with her hubby, leading to her quitting Facebook.

Olinda is suffering from a difficult weekend after she quarreled with Desmond Chideme (Stunner) and the two nearly broke up.

Olinda would however, later recover her relationship and tell ZimEye that the two were only going through what every other relationship goes through. She said Zimbabweans should leave her alone as her affair was a private matter. The following day, Stunner would come up and confess to the whole world that he of a truth cheated on Olinda, a development that saw what many say is now a sure recovery of the previously “toxic” relationship.

But as things improve, some Zimbabweans have begun attacking Olinda attempting a dig at her past. They went to the point of raising questions on her character attempting to link that with her former husband, Richard Matambanadzo. Most of those attacks were done using unprintable words and phrases. Others went to the point of questioning her health status.

“She is very stupid. How can you make such a public spectacle of yourselves then demand people to leave you alone and mind their business? You made it everyone’s business the minute you went live on facebook,” wrote one blogger.

Olinda has since removed her Facebook profile account under Stunner’s surname, “Chideme.” Olinda Chideme is now off the internet following those attacks.

Meanwhile a woman Stunner mentions in his music video, “Letting You Go,” Amai Gamu was found firing bullets at the singer. Amai Gamu said she saw Stunner with his side chick, Deon. She said :”I personally saw Stunner naDeon ku HICC kwaDiamond vachitenga nemari yaOlinda .. me I did but yuhwi zvangu, handichemere murume ndomupisa , siya Noxela wangu we know ndiwe wakatenga phone but line ndera Stunner wadii kusiya vapedzerana urizidofo, dyiwa Olinda wakazengaira.

Source: Zimeye