Pope Attacks Grace Mugabe

The supreme head of the Roman Catholic church, Pope Francis has launched a veiled attack on the First Lady Grace Mugabe, while one of his local priests in Harare at the same time fearlessly opened direct fire at Robert Mugabe’s wife, for being greedy.

Grace and her husband are catholics who were married into the church back in 1996.

Francis, the church’s 266th pope, is a fearless and no-nonsense preacher who has for instance refused bullet proof protection unlike others before him.

Will Mugabe be kicked out of church?

The development comes within 3 months of a local protestant pastor, Godfrey Mugadza writing a direct letter asking the Pope to ex-communicate Robert Mugabe and his wife.

While one of the local (Catholic) Harare priests, Father Rungano blatantly lambasted Grace for buying a, diamond ring worth over $1,3 million, Francis would in his latest message criticise selfishness caused by those in authority who have sown “fear and death into the hearts of so many.”

Francis leads the world’s 1.2 billion Roman Catholics.

The world must harness the power of love rather than might and wealth to bring peace to areas blighted by conflict, Francis said. His Christmas Day homily was delivered in front of thousands of people from the balcony of St Peter’s Basilica in Rome. The pope appealed for the message of peace and selflessness to go out “to the ends of the Earth to reach all peoples”.

Meanwhile, Frances’ Budiriro priest, Father Rungano attacked Grace Mugabe for buying a diamond ring worth over $1,3 million last month. Grace, after purchasing the ring, soon requested a refund and a bitter court case on the matter has exposed her.

Said the St Johns Buduriro friar, “there’s a lot of corruption in this country and if people had love for each other we would not be seeing someone buying a ring worth millions whilst the nation is hungry.”

Father Rungano was speaking during the burial of one of the female congregants who passed away on her journey from South Africa.

Source: Online