SE_X SKILLS: Zimbabwean Men Top in Romance

A survey carried out by a group of students at Aston University has found that when it comes to romance Zimbabwean men are top of the lot.

The survey’s findings were extrapolated from a group of 100 participants who included 10 countries of the world: UK, France, Australia, Italy, Poland, Austria, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, South Africa, Zambia.

The participants all female, were each asked to fill in a form stating their preferred nationality between the sheets. A second sub section required them to state out of a score of ten the best of pleasure obtained meant to also define skill and ability.

Of these, Zimbabweans came out topping with tally of 54 out of the 100 whole.

Zim women on social media expressed rage at the findings this week, as it was rumoured another study with similar findings has been conducted by students from another nearby university in the West Midlands area.

Source: Online